version 1.5 2015.04.24

  • optimising memory usage and acceleration report drawing
  • fixed bug with incorrect report drawing many lines and legend boxes
  • in report with many lines you can select or unselect data from differents controllers or hdu

version 1.4 2015.02.10

  • support of AMS1000 arrays
  • fixed several bugs
  • optimised report creation (do not make DP report for array without DP and so on)

version 1.3 2014.12.19

  • add new reports for raid group
  • fixed bug with december month

version 1.2 2014.11.28

  • add new reports for volumes and coorect drive report
  • correct path for templates and lib

version 1.1 2014.11.11

  • correct several variables and confirm that’s script run on solaris.

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